Long Distance & Domestic Moving Services

Helping Customers Relocate Across the U.S.

When it comes to long distance moves, it’s probably not a good idea to cut corners to save a few bucks. Taking a shoddy approach to packing your things could lead to damage, and choosing a substandard moving company could cost you big time.

At Nilson Van, we have a reputation built upon holding nothing back when it comes time to move. As a full service moving company, we use only the best people and top equipment, providing you with the best service available.

With Nilson Van & Storage, your long distance move will seem like moving just down the block. We can pack your things to ensure maximum protection in transit, as well as provide any specialty crating that may be needed for your items to travel safely. Our moving services cover all U.S. destinations, including all 50 states.

For those traveling a little farther than domestic travel, we offer a range of international moving services. Anywhere you travel, you can benefit from our precise packing and shipping at Nilson Van & Storage.

We provide extra protection for special items and care for all of your things as if they were our own. Anything that is packed is inventoried and recorded for you to reference at any time during the move. Tracking information is also available, allowing you to not only know every item that is packed, but where those items are at any time.

Nilson Van & Storage supplies the highest quality of moving supplies, and through our resources, we can deliver high-quality, long-distance moving services. The first step in any long distance move should be to call Nilson Van & Storage. After that, leave it up to us to do the work.

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Moving With Care

As one of the oldest, single-family owned moving and storage companies in the state, we understand how much moving can impact your life. Finding qualified movers you can trust with your most precious possessions and investments is time-consuming. Putting your life on hold to coordinate travel and packing for the move itself is frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be like this.

For over 85 years, Nilson Van and Storage has helped thousands of clients smoothly transition into their new destination, wherever that may be. We’d love to do the same for you. Request your free quote today and start setting your move up for success.