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Your Mayflower Movers

For over 70 years, Nilson Van & Storage has provided its expertise to individuals, organizations, and businesses. Through the years, we have streamlined our methods to deliver the most efficient methods of packing, moving, and storage to our customers.

Back in 1938, we began in South Carolina with two trucks and $500 of startup money. Through focusing on quality customer service and from the dedicated hard work of our employees over the years, we have expanded our reach quite a bit since then. Our services now cover any national destination as well as those in over 160 countries throughout the world. We still stay true to the core values that led us to success, and continue to offer the same high quality service as we did on day one.

We specialize in moving, whether it’s for individuals, businesses, or members of the military, and continue to build on our years of experience. So whatever the move and however far, we will treat you right and get the best job done.

Our areas of specialized service include:

Full Service Residential

It doesn’t matter how many miles away your destination is – we can do it all. We can help you pack up your things and unload them at your new location. We will even provide tracking information so you know exactly where your items are at all times. Our team of professionals is here to make any move a breeze.

Corporate Relocation

The simplest way to start a new job in a new city is to let us handle the transition. We work closely with both employees and their employers to make the move as smooth and quick as possible. Dedicated staff will oversee every phase of the move.

Commercial and Logistics Relocation

We understand the importance of a seamless move that is quick and efficient. Our goal is to provide a smooth relocation to minimize any disruption to your business’ processes. Let us do all the heavy lifting, from packing to unpacking.

Military Relocation

Our military members serve their country with pride and honor. We do our best to give back to them by making any relocation go as smoothly as possible. Everything we do is done precisely how it should be, giving results that you can count on. Our teams of skilled movers will make sure everything is taken care of.

International Moving

Keep the adventure, but let us take the mystery out of moving abroad. Our team of trained professionals will assist you through doing all that has to be done to complete your move. We have the network in place to be there for you wherever you are or are headed.

Packing & Storage

The quickest way to pack all your things is to not try to do it all yourself. Let our skilled movers provide the materials and the muscle to get your move started on the right foot. Packing is accompanied with a detailed inventory, and if needed, we also provide any storage options that might be required.

Let us do what we know best – and save you a few dollars and a headache.