Flatbed Transport

Specialized Flatbed Transport Services

Nilson Van and Storage is your trusted Flatbed Trucking partner for equipment and oversized items of all shapes and sizes.

Nilson Van & Storage offers specialized Flatbed transport services, perfect for hauling oversized and irregularly shaped equipment and machinery. Our Flatbed trailers provide the flexibility and accessibility needed for easy loading and unloading of your cargo.

Benefits of Our Flatbed Transport Services:

  • Versatile Loading and Unloading from all sides, making it easy to transport large and bulky items that cannot fit in enclosed trailers.
  • Capacity for Oversized Loads, including machinery, construction materials, and large equipment. This makes them ideal for a wide range of transport needs.
  • Experienced Handling by our team of professional drivers and handlers to secure and transport your cargo safely. They are trained to handle complex loads and ensure that your equipment arrives in perfect condition.
  • Comprehensive Planning and Permits to ensure a smooth and compliant transport process. Our thorough planning minimizes risks and delays.
  • Safety and Compliance Standards that adhere to stringent safety standards and regulations, including regularly maintaining and inspecting our Flatbed trailers to ensure they are in top condition.

Common cargo for this type of transport includes a wide range of items such as construction equipment, industrial machinery, steel beams and pipes, prefabricated structures, agricultural equipment, and large containers. These types of cargo benefit from the versatile loading and unloading capabilities of Flatbed trailers, making them ideal for transporting oversized and irregularly shaped items efficiently and safely

Efficient and Reliable Heavy Haul Transport Services

Nilson Van & Storage is committed to providing efficient and reliable Flatbed transport services. Our dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction ensures that your cargo is transported with the highest level of care and professionalism. Contact us today to discuss your Flatbed transport needs and discover how we can assist you with your next haul.

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