Short Term Storage

Storage Solutions for Unexpected Delays

When it comes to moving, it’s safe to say there could be unforeseen delays in your timetable. Whether your new home isn’t ready yet or you have to move out before you can move in elsewhere, hiccups can happen.

With Nilson Van & Storage, you have access to short term storage solutions while we assist you with your move. No need to pack all your things for storage just to pack up again to move. If it’s everything you have or just a couple of items that you don’t need right away, pack it once, and make it count.

Nilson Van & Storage takes pride in our storage facilities. They are insulated and monitored for security to ensure your items are well cared for. To further prevent damage, we double-check that your items are packed well. It is our goal to resolve any storage needs you may have – short term or longer – efficiently and effectively.

As we pack your items for storage, we will create a complete inventory of the items and record the number of boxes used so that you will know exactly what is being stored. Should you decide that you need any of the items that we are storing, you can access your things, and we can deliver them to you.

If time constraints or other delays surface during your move, our storage in transit can be a lifesaver. We are able to securely store your items in the middle of shipping until you can resolve the issues at hand. Your items will be delivered exactly when you need them, and you can have peace of mind until then, knowing that your things are safe and secure.

We have confidence that our staff of trained and experienced professionals will get things done right for you. Customer service is our focus, and we will hold nothing back to make sure you only receive the best.

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Moving With Care

As one of the oldest, single-family owned moving and storage companies in the state, we understand how much moving can impact your life. Finding qualified movers you can trust with your most precious possessions and investments is time-consuming. Putting your life on hold to coordinate travel and packing for the move itself is frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be like this.

For over 85 years, Nilson Van and Storage has helped thousands of clients smoothly transition into their new destination, wherever that may be. We’d love to do the same for you. Request your free quote today and start setting your move up for success.