Government Moving Process

Breaking Down the Moving Process for Military and Government

It can be tough to not know where you might be living next year, or even possibly, next month. Unfortunately, this is a situation that many members of the military and government face on a regular basis.

Whatever length of notice they do receive has to be sufficient because the move is going to happen regardless. Because of this, understanding the moving process better might instill a little peace of mind. Knowing what happens next may help you breathe a little easier during this tough situation.

Broken down below are some of the common steps in a military move so you can know what’s next.

What You’re Told

  1. Relocation orders are passed down to service members or government employees through official channels. To save any worry or unnecessary hassle, don’t put stock in rumors. Only listen to official orders.
  2. Once you contact the installation relocation office, they will brief you on plans.
  3. When you speak to the transportation office, they will convey information about the relocation and any restrictions or allowances that are associated.
  4. Movers will may be scheduled through the transportation office.
  5. Temporary quarters will be made available, if needed by the family.

What You Should Do

  1. After receiving orders, contact both the installation relocation office and the transportation office. This will open the channels to receive more information about your move.
  2. Look into your new location, and get a feel for the area and housing.
  3. Go through your things and sort through what will be moving with you and what you will not be bringing.
  4. Travel to your new location, allowing the movers to do the heavy lifting.
  5. If your new quarters aren’t ready yet or if you will be staying in temporary housing, discuss storage with your TSP. Nilson Van & Storage offers storage in transit, which provides ease and convenience for storing your belongings.
  6. Welcome to your new home! Start unpacking, or if it is a full service move, kick back and relax. It’s time to get settled in.

No two moves will go the same way, but at Nilson Van & Storage, we will always strive to deliver quality results. As you prepare for your next move, don’t hesitate to call and see how we can help.

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