Moving Options for Our Service Men and Women

Moves are a common part of the lives of members of the government or military. There can sometimes be little or no prior notice, as they are expected to move somewhere entirely new, very quickly. This can definitely take its toll, but it doesn’t have to.

You can avoid the stress and worry that come with an unexpected move by relying on professional help. At Nilson Van & Storage, we have years of experience in moving members of the government and military and know the unique demands and processes to help your move go smoothly. We can help whether you are moving this week or next month.

We are a corporate signor of the Employee Support for Guard and Reserve (ESGR) and believe we are a part of the “mission” of our military by ensuring our military members and their families receive a high-quality, stress-free relocation.

Our Services

At Nilson Van & Storage, we provide the quality service necessary to make each relocation go quickly and smoothly. Our trained movers provide a wide range of services to those in the military or government, including:

  • Military family relocation
  • Direct procurement method
  • Government office relocation
  • Government office processing
  • Non-temporary storage
  • Full packing and crating services
  • Origin containerization
  • Destination container services and storage

Our service comes at the hands of experienced and trained moving professionals. All of our movers have gone through background checks and are trained to ensure they provide you with only the best service.

For the better part of the last century, we have gained the appreciation of our customers by bringing traditional family values to each job. We work hard to gain your trust and leave you satisfied with a job well done.

Why We are Different

We have helped members of our military and government move for over 85 years. It goes without saying that we know what we are doing when it comes to efficiently moving with professional accuracy. We understand the processes and standards involved with relocating members of the military and government.

Military Family Relocation

Nilson Van & Storage understands that packing up and uprooting your family – sometimes with very little notice – is stressful. We consider it a privilege to serve the valiant men and women who so selflessly serve our nation at home and abroad.

Military Moving Services

Nilson Van & Storage has assisted in moving families of the military for years as they serve their country. We understand the demands that frequent relocations place on families, and we help to ease the burden. We hold these families’ satisfaction as our number one priority.

Government Moving Process

It can be tough to not know where you might be living next year, or even possibly, next month. Unfortunately, this is a situation that many members of the military and government face on a regular basis.

Government Office Relocation

Moving government affiliated or military offices to another destination can be very complicated. Nilson Van & Storage works diligently to assist with government and military office relocation. We understand the importance of privacy and the protection of sensitive materials, equipment, and documents.

Full Packing Services (Military / Government)

Being a member of the military or government can lead to needs of relocation, often with little advance notice. In situations like that, Nilson Van has you covered. We appreciate the service and sacrifice offered by these individuals and families and we provide everything they need to make moving a breeze in return.

Direct Procurement Method

You’ll get a major advantage by working with Nilson Van & Storage – the expertise of working with government and military entities for longer than many moving companies have been around.

Non-Temporary Storage

Military life can lead to some demanding lifestyle changes. Those who live in on base housing or who are shipped out overseas are eligible for Non-Temporary Storage. At Nilson Van & Storage, we provide Non-Temporary Service and are proud to offer our services to those serving our country.

Moving With Care

As one of the oldest, single-family owned moving and storage companies in the state, we understand how much moving can impact your life. Finding qualified movers you can trust with your most precious possessions and investments is time-consuming. Putting your life on hold to coordinate travel and packing for the move itself is frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be like this.

For over 85 years, Nilson Van and Storage has helped thousands of clients smoothly transition into their new destination, wherever that may be. We’d love to do the same for you. Request your free quote today and start setting your move up for success.