Office Relocation

For Office Relocation, Let Nilson Van & Storage Do the Heavy Lifting

Did you know Nilson Van & Storage is the oldest family-owned moving company in South Carolina? Customers have trusted us for years to help them make their professional transition as smooth as possible.

When it comes to office relocation, Nilson Van & Storage leverages decades of moving expertise combined with our partnership with the Office Moving Alliance (OMA) to provide customers with outstanding support and integrated workplace solutions.

When Can Nilson Van & Storage Help You?

  • Moving to a new location? We have access to project managers that will handle the entire move process.
  • Expanding your floor plan? We’ll develop an efficient space plan optimized for your needs.
  • Moving furniture due to reorganization? We have the capacity and flexibility to execute seamlessly.
  • Any office move situation. Our services minimize disruption to your business.

Regardless of the situation, we are here to help. Our national and international moving services make it easy for companies to move an office down the hall or halfway around the world. We know that office moves are stressful for you already. You worry about logistics, security, transportation, and more. Don’t add another item to your list. Trust us to take care of the moving portion of the journey.

Why Nilson Van?

You can trust us to treat each item with ultimate care, helping each piece arrive safely at its destination. Each item we package and transport is always carefully handled by trained and background-checked professionals.

We are here to help with all moving situations. Since 1938, we have provided residents of South Carolina with the highest quality moving services. With offices in North Carolina and Georgia as well, we can meet the needs of our customers in those states, as we help them move anywhere in the world. Our commitment to customer service means that we work to make any office move as easy and stress free as possible.

If it is time to move your office, contact Nilson Van & Storage. We would be happy to answer any of your questions and help you get started on your moving adventure.

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Moving With Care

As one of the oldest, single-family owned moving and storage companies in the state, we understand how much moving can impact your life. Finding qualified movers you can trust with your most precious possessions and investments is time-consuming. Putting your life on hold to coordinate travel and packing for the move itself is frustrating — but it doesn’t have to be like this.

For over 85 years, Nilson Van and Storage has helped thousands of clients smoothly transition into their new destination, wherever that may be. We’d love to do the same for you. Request your free quote today and start setting your move up for success.