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Commercial Moving Process

How to Make Office Moves Successful

It is easy to be overwhelmed when faced with an upcoming commercial move. Thinking of all the things to get moved while your business continues to operate at a high level can easily cause you stress.

Steps of Preparation

Your day is likely already full with your normal business processes, but you can avoid packing at the midnight hour if you are able to prepare in advance. This won’t require much effort as long as you can divide responsibilities among people in the office. You will also benefit from coordinating with the movers and knowing what they can help with from the start.

At the beginning of the moving process, have your employees begin to box up smaller items around the office. You will be surprised how much can be done this way, even during just half an hour a day per employee. You can also delegate logistical tasks to your employees, such as:

  • Informing or reminding customers about the move, and
  • Updating company information on websites and stationary.

Several weeks in advance, you should decide on a moving company and involve them in the process. Create a budget for the move and pin down important dates so everyone has plenty of notice. You should also establish someone to coordinate with the movers and oversee the move itself.

As you do these simple steps, the move will become less stressful and daunting. The movers can come in to box any remaining items and move any heavy equipment and furniture. Your items will be transported with care so you can find them in the same condition after unpacking.

If at any point during this process you feel overwhelmed or just would like assistance, Nilson Van & Storage is here to help.

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