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Commercial Moving Guide

When Moving Your Business, Have a Plan in Place

Relocating your business to a new office doesn’t have to be stressful if you have an organized plan in place for your move. Preparation and planning will help keep interruption to your regular operations to a minimum.

Each person in your company can play a role in making your commercial relocation a success. Even if they just discard items they no longer need and pack the rest of their personal items ahead of time, your move as a whole will go much more smoothly.

As a company, you should also determine which items can be discarded and which need to be stored well in advance of your move. This will help reduce confusion on moving day and even save on moving costs.

Organize Your Packing Efforts

Commercial moves usually have lots of items that you probably aren’t used to packing during a home or residential move. When it comes to packing for a commercial move, take special considerations on the items below.

Bulletin Boards and Other Hanging Items
Small hanging items, such as plaques and framed photos, can be packed together in boxes or containers. Be sure to wrap them in paper or bubble wrap for protection. Larger items should be removed from the wall prior to the movers arriving.

Remove all items from bookcases, and pack them in containers. You should also remove the shelves, and keep the hardware in a sealed bag or envelope with the correct piece.

Remove all items from on top of and inside of desks. Pack the loose items in boxes, with smaller items, like paper clips, in envelopes.

Upright Filing Cabinets
You may keep the contents of upright filing cabinets inside the drawers for your move. Just make sure to lock the drawers shut or secure them with tape.

Lateral Filing Cabinets
All contents in lateral filing cabinets will need to be removed and packed separately in boxes for the move. Be sure to label the boxes so you know where the contents should go when unpacked.

Small Office Machines
Postage calculators, desktop scanners, and other small machines should be left unpacked for the movers to place. Disconnect the cords, and then label and pack them in a sealed bag or box so you can find them easily later.

Large Office Machines
Technicians trained specifically on your large office machines, such as copiers and computers, may need to service and relocate these items. Contact the vendor specific to each machine to find out the necessary steps to relocate these items.

Countdown to Moving Day

The final days leading up to your company’s relocation are crucial as they will set a tone for moving day. Take the steps below in the days leading up to the move to help save time, money, and headaches when the big day comes.

One Month Out
By now, you should have selected a team of employees to help coordinate the upcoming move. At this time, you should also begin to notify the following people and agencies of your new location

  • Tax bureaus and assessors
  • Banks and insurance providers
  • Contractors and vendors
  • Advertisers
  • Third-party accounting, payroll, and legal advisers
  • Current and prospective customers

One Week Out
Take the final steps to make sure all items are ready to be moved. This includes making sure all boxes are labeled correctly, taking inventory of what will and will not be moved, and one last check to make sure everything is cleared out.

You should also back up your computer systems, and confirm that any incoming mail or orders are being forwarded appropriately.

Move-Out Day
Coordinate which employees will help the movers at your current location and at your new location. Complete one final check to make sure all items to be moved are prepared for the movers when they arrive.

Move-In Day
Take inventory and note the condition of your items as they are unpacked at your new location. Collect any receipts for moving expenses, and contact the moving company promptly if you wish to file any damage claims.

When it comes to commercial moves, Nilson Van & Storage has years of experience helping companies move into new spaces. Contact us today to find out more about how we can help with your upcoming office relocation.

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