How Are Cubicles and Office Furniture Moved?

Commercial moves include supplies and equipment you might not know about.

Office Movers Commercial moves aren’t much like residential moves. There are very few circumstances where you wind up moving the same kinds of belongings from one type of job to another. Even offices that have large, bulky equipment to move, and partitions of the like you’d never see in a traditional home, will have special needs. Cubicles and office furniture can both pose headaches unless you have the right plan of action. Columbia business owners should consider hiring these jobs out, but if they have to rely on staff, the following tips can make it easy to move cubicles and extra bulky office furniture:
  • Provide staffers plenty of sturdy boxes, dunnage, and tape to securely pack all of their items. Packing everything in boxes is an easy way to save time, prevent damage, and stay organized. It also allows you to make the most of your moving vehicle’s space. Don’t leave floor lamps, plastic plants, large light fixtures and similar items loose. Use boxes for everything you want to move to your new location, and make sure your staff labels them appropriately.
  • Disassemble all the furniture, and pack pieces together. Use smaller boxes inside larger boxes to store furniture hardware or smaller components like wheels. Large pieces can be packed into larger boxes which are then labeled and taped securely together.
  • Remove shelving and desktops from cubicle walls. These pieces should be packed into boxes and clearly labeled by number. A corresponding number should be assigned to each partition of cubicle wall.
  • Cubicle walls should be disassembled, beginning with the outermost walls. This helps to keep walls organized. It’s also a more secure method and prevents walls from falling apart and causing damage or injuries.
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