10 Tips for Your Next Military Move

When moving in the military, unexpected issues are common. Whether you are moving yourself, your government office, or your whole family, these 10 tips will help make your next move easier:

1.Understand that planning is your friend

Don’t stress yourself out when you receive word for your next move, but definitely plan ahead. Have a plan in mind and put it in place, so once your orders arrive you will be ready.

2.Create a binder for important paperwork

You are going to need all of your paperwork in one place, and multiple copies of certain papers, like orders, birth certificates, social security cards, etc. Creating an organized binder will help keep track of all these important documents.

3.Don’t pack items you will need for the first day

You won’t be able to control what goes on and comes off the truck, or when. Instead, pack a freezer bag with these items and label them bathroom, bedroom, etc. Mark with an “X” and a note that says, “do not pack,” so movers know to leave it.

4.Lighten your load: Declutter 

Throw away anything that is broken. Donate or sell anything that hasn’t been used in two years (or since your last move) or anything that is unneeded or unwanted.

5.Get out your camera

Take a picture, or a photo inventory, of everything you are packing. In the event of having to make a claim due to loss or damage, actual photo proof will be your best asset.

6.Keep your packing liquid-free

Since you probably know by now that transporting liquids of any kind is prohibited, and since most of us don’t like to waste the things we buy, consider switching to powder items where possible once your orders arrive.

7. Use colored duct tape

Pack each box using a different colored duct tape designated to specific rooms or people in your home. This is especially handy for families with children and will make unloading the truck much easier for all people involved.

8.Pack and move important or expensive items separately.

Things can get broken or misplaced. Personally handling these valuable items and shipping them to your destination separately could prevent such accidents.

9.Pay the cleaning fee.

Don’t add to the stress of a move by obsessing over passing a cleaning inspection. Let a professional cleaning business take care of it for you.

10.Feel free to fire movers.

Always remember, if things are going wrong, or you don’t feel confident about your movers, you can contact the transportation office and request replacements.

If you are planning on moving in the military, contact our team of moving experts at Nilson Van & Storage today. We are ready to answer your questions and ensure you get the professional moving services you need.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.