What’s the Best Way to Ship My Things for an International Move?

Moving internationally takes a distinguished plan of attack.

Sealing cardboard moving boxes Moving internationally presents its own challenges, but planned appropriately, you can safely and easily move your belongings from one country to another. Working with experienced movers with their own partners in your intended new location can be of great benefit. This is especially true in areas with many restrictions for what can be moved across borders. Using these tips, you can ensure your belongings survive your international move:
  • Hire professionals to handle the packing. Professional moving companies have many services. Instead of trying to save money by sticking just to moving your belongings, consider having the pros pack for you as well. They have all the necessary supplies on hand, they understand the best way to pack and this will help meet the standards of moving goods out of your home country and into a new one.
  • Schedule a quote several weeks in advance. A reputable moving company will ask to see your home before giving out a guaranteed estimate. Otherwise, you’re working with a ballpark figure and those ballparks can change dramatically between a phone call and your moving day. Clean your home, pare down your items and then call the movers of your choice for an estimate. During this visit, you may learn some of your belongings—like that oak dress with rosewood inlay—can’t be moved out of the country, giving you a chance to make arrangements to store it or sell it to someone else.
  • Follow the experts’ advice. Experienced moving companies have learned a lot through trial and error. They typically provide you with moving guidelines and a rough schedule. Pay attention to these instructions if you want to receive your goods as soon as possible once you’ve completed your move.
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