What Will My Destination Country Require Me to Have before I Move There?

Be prepared to dot your I’s and cross your T’s when you’re moving internationally.

Passport Photo Moving internationally is an adventure, one best enjoyed when you’re well-prepared. In order to move to another country, you’ll need the right paperwork to prove who you are and that you have the right to be there. Make a wrong move and you could wind up deported—or worse. Consider the following forms and how they help you in foreign countries:
  • Officially recognized forms of US identification are used in daily business. Just as in the United States, you’ll need to provide banks, government agencies, and other important organizations with proof of identity. Just make sure you keep them under lock and key.
  • You’ll need an up-to-date passport to enter a foreign country. US citizens need to show a passport to gain entry into other countries, even Canada, and you will need it to be valid throughout the length of your trip.
  • You’ll need a visa to prove you have permission from the country’s government to visit, as well as what you’re allowed to do there. There are visitors’ visas, and those for students and employees. Some countries don’t require them unless you’re staying longer than three months, while others require a visa for everyone along with work permits. It’s important to know the laws before you move.
  • Personal documents like medical records, taxes and your will help you conduct your affairs just as if you were in the United States. Any paperwork you find especially important at home will likely be important to you when you’re abroad.
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