What Will Movers Not Move for a Military Relocation?

Moving in the military isn’t as complicated as you think.

Military Family with Boxes for their Move

Moving in the military really boils down to two things: what you’re allowed to take to your new location and how much the military will pay for you to move to your new location. There’s a difference, so it’s important to work with an experienced company that takes time to go through their policies with you. Consider the following situations where your belongings might be left behind:
  • The military doesn’t mess around with weight restrictions. All military moves are limited by a certain weight limit, and the amount is determined by your military grade and the type of your assignment. Obviously, an E-3 on temporary duty is going to need to bring fewer items from home than someone who’s been on the job for 10 years and is moving an entire family. You can find out your weight restrictions from the moving office at your current base.
What about professional gear? Some of the items you use for work can get pretty heavy, so in select situations, certain officers are able to get 2000 lbs. of extra allowance for moving supplies and training materials directly related to their jobs. Any other overage will be left behind. In certain situations, you can risk your entire shipment being held hostage while you struggle to cover extra fees, so don’t assume you’ll be an exception to the rules. Most likely, you won’t be.
  • Neither the US or foreign governments allow just anything to pass their borders. Each country has its own list of items that can’t leave the country, as well as items they don’t want to let in. Reasons vary, but it can be incredibly difficult to cover all of these restrictions. Working with professionals really helps in terms of identifying contraband.
  • In addition, regulations and insurance coverage won’t allow certain items to be moved. Living plants, combustible materials, garbage and certain other items aren’t allowed to be packed and shipped commercially. Your moving company can provide you with a list of items you’ll need to ship to your new home.
Request a quote whenever you’re moving in the military. Nilson Van can provide you with an accurate estimate, and they can help you adhere to applicable laws. Click this link or call 803.786.1090 to get your free estimate when you are moving in the military.

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