What Should I Look for When Hiring Movers for My Military Relocation?

A military relocation can be a stressful time. But when you have the right moving company working for you, it can make the difference between smooth sailing and a chaotic, frustrating transition. There are certain things to watch for as you consider different moving companies to facilitate your move. Here are the top considerations.

Does the Company Specialize in Military Moves?

A military relocation isn't the same as any other type of move. Look for companies that list military relocations as part of their specialized services. Check their website and online reviews to see if they have the information available to show they know what they are talking about when it comes to moving in the military.

Does the Company Hire Experienced and Trained Movers?

While the company may sound great on paper, it's important to know they hire professional movers who have the proper experience, training and background checks. The last thing you will want to worry about is sketchy or inexperienced movers. Don't be afraid to ask the company about the individuals who will be providing the moving service and what their background information and training include.

Does the Company Have Good Communication and Customer Service?

You should be able to tell as soon as you connect with a moving company whether they will have the communication style and customer service to meet your expectations. Ask questions and request timelines. Make sure the company seems competent before you sign any paperwork hiring them for the job.

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