What Packing Materials Work Best?

What essential packing materials do you need for residential moves?

Packing Materials Residential moves are a necessary evil for most people. The chances of living in one home for life have dwindled remarkably over the years. It's much more common now to move several times during your life, so know what you'll need to make the transition go as smoothly as possible. The following materials will keep your possessions organized and safe and make it easier to move them back and forth:
  • Cardboard boxes
While at first you may inclined to ask for boxes from the store or a friend, doing so might wind up being your biggest mistake. Of all the moving supplies you get, make sure your boxes are either new or from a trustworthy source. Those used boxes from the grocery story could be infested with moth larvae. The boxes you got from your friend may have compromised strength. Add in South Carolina's famous humidity, and you could have a box rip when you're halfway down a stairway. Make sure you have plenty of medium-sized boxes too. They're easier to carry than large ones, and they can be filled with smaller boxes of like items for maximum portability and organization.
  • Packing tape
As ridiculous as it seems, some people try to avoid buying a $4 roll of tape by tucking in their box tops. What they don't realize is the lumpy result will prevent boxes from stacking neatly inside a moving truck. Plus, untaped boxes are far more likely to spill their contents!
  • Poster markers
This is especially true if you're using professional movers. Using a thick marker, label each box in the room you want them to wind up in, be it a kitchen, bathroom or "Bedroom #1." This kind of simple system really speeds up unloading and unpacking.
  • Butcher paper
Purchased in thick rolls, this paper resists dirt and oil, while providing protection for even your delicate items. You don't need to buy expensive bubble wrap. If butcher paper isn't available, call the local paper and ask if they sell end rolls of newsprint. You can generally get a surprising amount for one or two dollars.
  • Packing blankets
If you have large pieces of furniture, large appliances, or other bulky items, you can purchase, rent, or borrow moving blankets to keep them protected during a move. Blankets come in many different styles too, from those with extra cushion to those with plush exteriors and insulation. Moving companies often get cast-off supplies after residential moves, so adding them into your moving plan can cost very little extra. Call our friendly team at Nilson Van today at 800-845-2682 to learn more about professional pricing for residential moves.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.