What Options Are Available for Hiring Movers for a Military Relocation?

Moving in the military is pretty simple once you have the basics down.

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When you're moving in the military, you have a few different options allowing you to hire the best companies for transporting your goods. You can even pay them to pack and unpack your belongings. This makes the moving process significantly less stressful at first, but you have to know the right ways to take advantage of it. Work with the right professional moving company, and you'll save yourself a tremendous amount of work.

You'll have the following options available when it comes time to hire your military movers:

  • Government-approved carriers can be scheduled through the Defense Personal Property System. In order to make moving ultra-easy, the Department of Defense created the DPS. It connects service members with qualified movers, as well as expediting scheduling, tracking, and claim filing, when needed.
  • The Personally Procured Move – or Do-It-Yourself Move – allows you to be reimbursed for funds you spend on an alternative moving company. Just remember, DIY moves aren't covered by insurance costs, and the military won't get involved if you have disagreements with the company.
  • DIY moves also allow you to move your own belongings and get money back on top of your expenses. Move yourself, and you'll be faced with the hassle of packing, lifting, and shifting all of your belongings, which may make your move to a new location extra daunting. What's even more surprising? DIY moves can wind up costing you more than it would to hire professionals.

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