What Do I Need to Do to Move Out of State?

Learn how residential moves work when you go out of state.

Moving out of state Residential moves out of state are a little more complicated than moving down the street. Thankfully, there are many ways to ensure you wind up well-established in your new home. The right advice will make your move as easy as possible. Before you start planning your out-of-state move, consider the following:
  • Your budget: The renting process changes from state to state and landlord to landlord. Certain areas require first and last month’s rent, along with a deposit of the same amount. Other areas have sizeable utility deposits for water or electricity. If you’re buying instead of renting, look for an affordable house in a good area. It’s advisable to keep your monthly housing expenses under one-third of your budget.
  • Your belongings: Cutting down on clutter is a good idea before you move. Figure out the furniture and belongings you want to keep. Measure large pieces of furniture and compare them to your new space. You don’t want to pay to move a bulky couch or chair that winds up stuck in the hallway.
  • Moving services: Once you know what you’ll be taking with you, moving companies will have an easier time of providing accurate quotes. Prepare for company reps to visit your home. Unless done in person, estimates can’t be guaranteed.
  • Necessary moving supplies: If you’re hiring a packer and mover, you won’t need to worry as much about supplies. If you’re packing on your own, plan to purchase small- and medium-sized boxes, moving blankets, carts, and packing tape to protect your belongings in transit.
  • Essential contact numbers: The day of your move, you’ll want the number of your new landlord or realtor, utility companies, and service providers all in one space, right along with contact info for your moving company. You may want the numbers for your old ones too, just in case there are problems entering your old residence to shut off your services. Make sure you have these printed out. Moving day is a hectic time, but planning for the worst can help you out of any situation.
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