Two Reasons to Trust the Experts for Your Military Move

Military moves are not the same as a civilian move, so it helps to have an expert to assist you in the process. Before you undertake a military move, seriously consider obtaining the services of a professional moving company. Their expert advice can help save a lot of money and annoyance. Here are two major reasons why:

#1: They Can Help You Save Money

Besides getting the move done right the first time and in the most efficient manner, expert movers are very helpful during a military move because they can provide the information you might not know. For example, if you need moving services the moving company cannot offer, such as storage or transporting pets, an expert mover can guide you in the right direction and notify you of any moving service providers that give discounts to military personnel. Another way they can help you save money is by identifying the best way conduct the move. For example, military personnel moving within the continental United States can move by handling everything themselves and getting reimbursed through a complex calculation the federal government uses. Alternatively, the military can handle every aspect of the move through its network of movers and packers. The first option is good in that it allows the military family to have the exact moving services they want and need. But a drawback is that the family may not get full reimbursement from the federal government. Expert movers can help identify which option will be the most cost-effective for the military family.

#2: They Are Time Savers

Most military personnel and their family members don't always know of certain benefits that often come with their military move. For example, moves paid for by the federal government will usually include a full unpack once the items reach their intended destination. This is a huge time saver that individuals moving on their own do not get. Expert movers will let you know how to get this benefit without having to pay extra. A military move can be extremely hectic. To make life a little bit easier, consider using a professional moving company. Our team of expert movers at Nilson Van and Storage is ready to go to work for you; get in touch with us today.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.