Top 4 Packing Materials That Will Make Your Life Easier

packing materials

Are you trying to line up your packing materials for an upcoming move? Whether this is your first big residential move or you've done it before, you likely know the type of packing materials you use can make a big difference. In fact, it can mean the difference between your belongings getting to the new location safely or experiencing damage along the way.

To help you achieve packing and moving success, here are the top four packing materials you will need in your arsenal:

#1: Rolls of Packing Paper

It's affordable and versatile—packing paper is a crucial material when you are packing up a variety of items. Look for paper rolls to stretch your dollar. Use the paper to wrap and protect items from your kitchen, picture frames, wall art, and even some small electronics. The paper is also great for filling the gaps between items in a box, so there is less shifting during transport.

#2: Bubble Cushion Wrap

A roll of bubble wrap is a must-have item for your packing endeavors. The wrap's air-filled bubbles provide just the right amount of cushion for your delicate and breakable items. It will keep them safe and secure during transport and prevent fragile items from bumping against each other.

#3: Packing Peanuts

While these Styrofoam peanuts won't necessarily work as stand-alone packing material for fragile items, they make excellent filler. The peanuts effectively fill in the gaps between items to prevent shifting during transit.

#4: Foam Rolls or Sheets

Packing foam is helpful when you need to wrap items like plates, glassware, jewelry, and appliances. It’s available in different forms and sizes, including foam pouches, rolls, sheets, and corner guards. While it isn’t the cheapest packing material, it can be great to have a little in addition to other materials to protect fragile items. Looking for other helpful moving tips to make your life easier? Contact Nilson Van and Storage to learn more or to schedule professional moving services.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.