Three Ways to Avoid a Headache during Your Office Relocation

Making sure everything goes right during an office relocation is of particular importance because any problems can lead to lost revenue. If you have an office move coming up, keep the following tips in mind to reduce the chances of extra stress and headaches along the way:

1.Assign One Person to Be in Charge

Nothing causes more confusion, delay, anger, frustration or annoyance than having too many people handle one thing. To make the office move as streamlined as possible, you need to have one person in charge. This person doesn't necessarily have to handle everything, but they need to be the sole person contacting the moving companies and keeping track of all the information relating to the move. The last thing you want is Person A with some information about the move and Person B with different information about the move. Lack of unity can stall the moving process and delays are never good when moving.

2.Hire a Full-Service Mover

Full-service movers are the most expensive type of movers, but for a good reason: they do a good job. Just like having a centralized person from your office to handle your move, it’s nice to have just one moving company to deal with concerning your move. A full-service mover is nice because there's only one company to coordinate things. The more "moving parts" you have for your move, the more likely there will be a delay or something will go wrong.

3.Have Clear Deadlines

Sometimes, there is no set time or date when a move must take place. This flexibility is nice, but it can lead to confusion and indecision. To prevent this, have clear dates when the move must occur. For example, know when the current office's lease will expire and choose a move out date sometime in advance to provide a cushion in case there are delays. This works a lot better than telling people the move needs to take place sometime before the middle of the month. If you’re wondering how to move your office to its new location, contact Nilson Van; our team has years of experience with office moves and can make them as headache free as possible.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.