Three Tips to Help Your Family Adjust Quickly During a Military Relocation

A military relocation can result in worry and stress for the entire family. Military relocations come with the territory of being in a military family, but it doesn't mean they're any easier to handle. The following is a list of three tips that can help your family adjust during the next military relocation.

1.Break the News as Soon as Possible

One the biggest ways to help family members adjust for a military relocation move is to inform them of the move as soon as possible. The sooner they find out, the sooner they can adapt to the idea of living and working in a new location. It also gives family members as much time as possible to make their own arrangements before the move, concerning friends, classmates and coworkers.

2.Have Your Family Help with the Move

If you let your family members contribute to the move, it can help them deal with the news. Even better is letting your family members make decisions about the move, such as when the move will take place, choosing your new home and deciding on a moving company. Being able to help with the move can provide a sense of control over something that could otherwise make them feel powerless.

3.Encourage Family Members to Keep in Touch

Just because your family moves to another location, that doesn't mean they can't see or communicate with their old friends. With the internet, keeping in touch is easier than ever. In fact, there's no excuse for not being able to post a message on social media, send an e-mail, engage in a video chat or shoot over a text message. By allowing family members to hold on to a bit of what they left, they can adjust more quickly to their new location. A military relocation can seem sudden and unexpected. To help the move go smoothly and reduce the amount of stress involved, consider using our team at Nilson Van and Storage for your next military relocation. Contact us today!

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