Three Things to Plan for When Relocating Internationally

How to Plan for an international move so that you don’t go crazy in the process.

An international move is a big deal. You’ll be dealing with a lot of moving parts, and you’ll have many items and tasks that you must handle to ensure you have a seamless new beginning in your new home. Here are three top considerations to make in preparation for moving day:
  • Make Sure the Items You’re Taking Are Packed Properly
When you pack for an international move, it’s not like packing for a local move or even a cross-country move. You’re going to be shipping items to a new country, so you need to make sure they’re packed safely and securely to ensure they survive the trip.
  • Measure Your Furniture and Your New Space
When thinking about your furniture and deciding what to bring, keep in mind the size and shape of the new home as well as the size of the rooms that will contain the furniture. The last thing you want to discover is that your 96-inch sofa that you’ve hauled to another country doesn’t fit inside your new living room. Measure the size of the rooms that you’ll be moving into so that you know your things will fit so you don’t waste time and money moving them.
  • Start Early
The earlier you begin the packing and planning process, the better off you’ll be. Months in advance, pack up the items that you won’t need in the short-term such as books and jewelry. Anything you can do in advance will help you to spread out the tasks so it doesn’t feel quite as overwhelming. It’s never too early to start planning a move, especially when it means moving to a new country. Reach out to our experts at Nilson Van & Storage about your international move. We are happy to provide professional moving tips, advice, and even moving services to make your move as successful as possible.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.