Three Pro Tips for Moving Cross Country

A residential move across the country can go more smoothly by following professional advice. If you’re about to start a residential move across the country, you might have some anxiety or worry about the move going well. Here are a few tips you can follow to reduce some of that worry and ensure a smooth move:

Tip #1: Plan Early

A big move over a great distance takes planning. You need to make arrangements for your new home to have the utilities up and running by the time you arrive, take care of any financial concerns like finding a new bank and figure out the process for getting new government documents, such as a driver's license or ID card. Then there's setting a date for the movers to arrive and having everything packed up for them. It sounds simple, but it will take planning. The earlier you set all this up and figure it out, the easier the move will be.

Tip #2: Get Rid of Items You Don’t Want or Need

To reduce the amount of stuff you need to pack, get rid of things before the move. Every item you sell or give away before the move means that many fewer boxes you have to pack, more available space in the moving truck and fewer boxes you'll need to unpack after you arrive at your new home.

Tip #3: Label the Boxes

This should be a no-brainer, but it's easy to forget to write on a box what's inside or where the box should go after unloading from the truck. Taking a moment to label the box can prevent the wasted time and hassle of opening it, then closing it and carrying it to another part of the house. To get more tips on how to conduct a cross-country residential move as efficiently as possible, get in touch with our team of moving professionals at Nilson Van and Storage. We can help you plan the details of your move, making it go as smoothly as possible.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.