Three Packing Tips to Keep Your Fragile Items Safe During an International Move

Keeping fragile items safe during an international move requires taking additional precautions. Planning an international move? If you’re moving to another country, your personal belongings may be subject to additional handling by movers, shippers and government officials. To make sure everything gets to its intended destination in one piece, take the following extra steps:

1.Use a Box within a Box

Most items get put into a box with basic padding around the item, such as old clothing, foam packing peanuts or bubble wrap. But this won't always be enough to protect the items. To add an extra layer of protection, put especially fragile items in a small box and pack it as if you will mail it. Then, pack up this smaller box and put it into a larger box that contains items that are not fragile.

2.Include Accurate and Detailed Customs Declarations

Customs is one reason that damage to fragile items can occur. Even with perfect packing, if a customs officer has to open the package, there’s a good chance he or she will not repack the box very well. So the best thing to do is avoid a customs officer from having to open the box in the first place. You can do this by providing complete and accurate information about what’s in the box. Also, make sure you’re not trying to move something that your new home country prohibits.

3.Mail the Item to Your New Home

Another option is to avoid dealing with freight shippers and movers. You can do this by mailing the item. The item will still need to go through customs, so make sure you only send something the new country allows and provide complete and accurate customs declarations. But at the very least, you can avoid movers from handling the item and possibly breaking it or not packing it properly. If you have a lot of fragile items to move internationally or simply want help with the process, contact Nilson Van and Storage today. Our expert team is ready to help you with your international move.

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