Three Helpful Pointers for Moving Long Distances with Pets

Moving with your pet long distances isn’t so bad if you follow a few helpful pointers to keep them safe and sound. Not every pet owner will know the best helpful pointers for moving with pets a long distance. That is why we have compiled some helpful tips from our moving experts below. If you follow these tips and plan the trip well in advance, you should expect an uneventful long distance trip with your pet.

Tip #1: Get Current with All Vaccinations

Depending on where you're moving to, there could easily be legal requirements concerning the medical condition of your cat or dog. One notable example is with vaccinations, such as rabies. Before you make the long distance move, make sure your pet has all relevant vaccinations for the new locale.

Tip #2: Make Arrangements to Meet Your Pet’s Need During the Trip

For a long distance trip, you'll have to consider your pet's basic needs, such as food, water, stimulation and relieving itself. The exact method will depend on your pet's mode of transportation, although there will be some similarities regardless of transportation method. For example, you'll want to give your pet something familiar during the trip to help calm them down. A favorite toy, food or blankets are good examples.

Tip #3: Prepare Your Pet’s New Home

This not only applies to your ultimate destination but to temporary stops as well. Whether it's a rest stop or pet-friendly hotel, try to make things as familiar as possible for your pet. For instance, trying a new type of food is probably not the best thing to do during the trip. Also, give your pet time to become familiar with its new surroundings. Your pet may not eat, drink or sleep until it feels safe. If you can't make your pet feel safe during a temporary stop, you and your pet will probably have a very unpleasant trip. Taking note of these pointers for moving with pets helps to make a move go as easily as possible. You should take into account these special considerations, because traveling with a pet adds a new and often unfamiliar element to a long distance move. Whatever your moving challenges might be, our team at Nilson Van is here to help so get in touch with us before your next move.

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