The Ultimate Moving To-Do List

The residential moving process doesn’t need to be a chaotic, overwhelming event. However, far too many people attempt to move without a plan, and that’s how it becomes chaotic and overwhelming. Take a proactive approach for your upcoming move by creating and sticking to a packing and moving plan. From packing up the first box to unloading and arranging items in your new place, there is a certain order you can follow to alleviate stress and hassle. Here are some highlights from the moving experts’ ultimate moving to-do list to streamline your residential moving process:

2 Months Prior to the Move

  • Create a packing and moving strategy and schedule certain tasks on certain days to keep you on track week to week.
  • Obtain quotes from dependable moving companies; if you aren’t sure where to turn, ask friends for recommendations and search for highly reviewed and rated companies online.

One Month Prior to Move

  • You hired your mover last month, so now it’s time to check-in with the company to confirm the moving day details.
  • If your moving company is handling the packing, you won’t need to worry about supplies. However, if you are going the DIY packing approach, make sure you have plenty of the right supplies lined up and ready to go for moving day.
  • Contact utility companies to disconnect internet, cable, electric and other utility services once you are gone; don’t forget to set up utilities for your new place.
  • Create an inventory of your belongings in order to keep track of everything during the moving process as well as to help you determine how much moving insurance coverage you will need.
  • Plan where items will go in your new home and make a packing and unpacking plan based on where you intend to move furniture and other items.
A to-do list will certainly help you out during the process, but to have the most streamlined and efficient residential moving process, reach out to the pros at Nilson Van & Storage today.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.