The Benefits of Door-to-Door Movers for Families Doing In-State Moves

How can door-to-door movers really help you if you're only moving across town (or even across the street)?

Door-to-door moversMost people moving in-state, or especially in-city, won't hire door-to-door movers unless they have special circumstances, but they're actually very beneficial for every move for a number of reasons. For just a few hundred dollars, you can hand your worries (and your backaches) over to someone else, and spend the day celebrating your new home with your friends, instead of pressing them into service.

Here are just a few of the payoffs you get from hiring door-to-door movers:

  • Affordability - Interstate moves generally cost over $1000, so the cost of hiring a mover when you could spend a few hours moving yourself from one house to another may initially seem too excessive for your budget. But compare that to the cost of renting any equipment yourself, the gas of driving everything on your own, and replacing anything that gets broken or damaged due to your moving inexperience. In-state moves cost a fraction of the expected cost and are well worth the expense.
  • Safety - Lower-back pain is a chronic problem in our country because we spend a lot of our time seated and then try to tackle difficult tasks like lifting couches and dressers. This exertion can have serious consequences if you find it's too much for your body. Movers do these tasks every day for a living and have extensive safety measures in place, so they are more suited to moving your heavy furniture while you manage other tasks and keep yourself safe.
  • Assurance - Professional moving companies have both experience and insurance, so your property is generally less likely to be damaged and more likely to be replaced right away if it is. You don't have to take their word for it either. Each company you ask for an in-home quote from should have a USDOT number, and this number can be used to check their status. Visit to find out more about a company's official protection plan and history. You can also check out review sites like Yelp and BBB Online to see the experiences other people have had using them.
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