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Residential Moving Process

How to Approach Your Next Home Move

Some say that moves get easier the more that you do them, but why not put the effort into making this move the easiest? As an established moving company, Nilson Van & Storage has served American families for decades. Over that time, we have learned more about moving, and we commit to providing a simple move to all of our customers.

As professional movers, we will do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to your move. Still, there are some things that you can do to ensure a smooth move. Seeing as there is no formula for an instantly successful move, we have developed a process that makes moving a little easier for you. Keep in mind to always start your preparations with plenty of time to accomplish everything you need. Here are some tips to help you start planning now.

One month before you want to move

  • Establish a budget for the move.
  • Start keeping all information for the move in one place.
  • Inform your landlord or realtor of your impending move.
  • Locate new place of residence.
  • Decide on a moving company and pin down a moving date. Decide on the size of truck, extent of moving services, and supplies needed.
  • Filter through your belongings and decide what is to be moved.

Three weeks until your move date

  • Start packing, making sure to label boxes by room.
  • Line up storage solutions, if needed.
  • Submit a change of address with the IRS.
  • Notify banks, insurance companies, credit card issuers, and other institutions of new address.
  • Change subscriptions.
  • Consider using up frozen goods.

Two weeks until your move date

  • Set up disconnect dates for utilities, and don’t forget about any deposits.
  • Schedule setup dates for utilities at destination.
  • Obtain important records (medical, educational, etc).
  • Repair any damages.
  • Continue packing your belongings.

One more week to get everything done

  • Pack necessities together to ensure ease of access.
  • Clean your home thoroughly.
  • Donate or sell any unneeded items.

If at any time during the moving process you feel overwhelmed, call in the experts at Nilson Van. We are happy to help at any phase in the move, delivering only quality service. We take a professional approach to achieve the results you want.

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