Questions to Ask a Moving Company for a Military Relocation

Although you may feel like you are a moving pro since you have likely done it before, you need to ensure you have the best team for the job when it comes to your upcoming military relocation. Not all moving companies are the same. In fact, if you’ve moved a lot while in the military, you’ve probably experienced some unsatisfactory results. To avoid a worst-case scenario for your next move, here are two questions to ask a potential moving company before you hire them:

Question #1: Do the Movers Understand the PCS Process?

The Permanent Change of Station, or PCS, is the way the military identifies moving. Once you receive PCS orders, you need to determine which of three options you will choose for your move. These options include:
  • Letting the military moving you
  • Hiring a private company to handle the move
  • Using a combination of the previous two moving methods
The right moving company can help you determine which option is ideal for your moving process and budget.

Question #2: Do the Movers Understand the Reimbursement Process?

If you decide to hire a private company to perform your military move, you can expect the US military to reimburse your fees. The amount they will pay-out is dependent on certain guidelines and factors; it can be difficult to know what the amount of the reimbursement will be unless you are knowledgeable about the specific formulas the military uses. Ask the movers you are considering if they understand the formulas and reimbursement process. Choosing a company that is familiar will help you to keep your move within your budget. At Nilson Van & Storage, we have been helping families with their military relocations for years. We are intimately familiar with the details and guidelines necessary to make your move hassle-free and on budget. Connect with us online now to get a free quote for your upcoming move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.