Protecting Your Technology While it’s in Storage During the Summer

electronics storage

If you’re planning a move soon and need to put some of your belongings in storage, you could benefit from some simple summer storage tips. If technology is on the list of items going into a storage unit, there are some precautions you can take to protect it from the summer heat.

Tip #1: Understand the Different Types of Storage

Most storage facilities offer two types of units – climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled. Knowing the difference before you sign a contract is critical, especially if you have sensitive belongings that include electronics and technology. Without climate control, your items could encounter moisture, condensation, mold and mildew, and extreme swings in temperature. Technology must be in a unit that has heat in the winter and AC in the summer, as well as sealed walls and interior doors to keep the weather and moisture out.

Tip #2: Pack it Right

Proper packing will help keep your technology safe while in storage. When packing items in boxes, ensure there is plenty of packing paper and cushion around fragile components to provide extra protection. Don’t leave extra space at the top of packed boxes or the boxes can crush when stacked. Packing tape will help secure the boxes to protect the contents.

Summer storage risks can affect your belongings, especially your technology. Taking precautions can help protect those costly items and ensure they come out of storage in the same condition they went in. For packing, moving, and storage solutions that you can count on to keep your belongings safe any time of year, contact Nilson Van and Storage.

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