Prepping for Packers and Movers? 6 Ways to Get Ready

Have you made the smart decision to hire packers and movers? Here’s how to make sure you’re prepped and ready.

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, but packing up your life and belongings can often feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there's a solution that can make your move significantly smoother and less stressful: hiring professional packers and movers. Take a look at the benefits of letting experts handle your packing for you and how to prep for their arrival on moving day.

The Benefits of Professional Packers and Movers

Before diving into the prepping process, here are just a few of the benefits of enlisting professional packers:

1. Expertise and Experience

Professional packers and movers have training and experience in the art of packing. They know how to handle items of all shapes and sizes, from delicate glassware to bulky furniture. Their expertise ensures that your possessions are secure, reducing the risk of damage during transit.

2. Time and Energy Savings

Packing is a time-consuming and physically demanding task. When you hire packers and movers, you free up your valuable time and energy to focus on other aspects of your move, such as coordinating logistics, wrangling pets and kids, saying goodbye to friends and family, or simply relaxing during this stressful time.

3. Customized Packing Services

Professional packing companies offer customized services tailored to your needs. They can pack your entire home or just handle certain rooms or items. This flexibility allows you to choose the level of service that suits your budget and timeline.

4. High-Quality Packing Materials

Professional packers provide top-quality packing materials and supplies, including specialized boxes for moving, bubble wrap, packing paper, and sturdy moving blankets. These materials provide maximum protection for your belongings.

5. Reduced Risk of Damage

Reducing the risk of damage to your possessions is one of the primary benefits of hiring packers and movers. Professional packers know how to wrap and cushion items to withstand the bumps and jostling during transportation. This means your fragile items, electronics, and valuable possessions are far less likely to suffer damage during the move.

Preparing for Professional Packers and Movers

Now that you know the advantages, here’s how to prepare for the arrival of your professional packers:

1. Create a Detailed Inventory

Before the packers arrive, create a detailed inventory of your belongings. This will help you keep track of your items and provide clear instructions and information to your movers and packers.

2. Identify Special Items

Identify any special items that require extra care or custom packing solutions, such as valuable art pieces, fragile China, or sensitive electronics. Communicate these specific requirements to the packers in advance.

3. Declutter and Organize

Declutter your home before the packers arrive. Go through your belongings and decide what to keep, donate, or discard. This reduces the packing load and ensures you only take the items you truly need to your new home.

4. Communicate Expectations

Communicate your expectations and preferences to the professional packers. Let them know if there are any items you prefer to pack yourself or if you have specific labeling instructions. 

5. Prepare a Move-Day Kit

Prepare a packing kit with essential items you may need during and after the move, such as medications, important documents, personal valuables, and a change of clothes. Keep this kit separate from the items packed by the professionals.

6. Be Present During Packing

While you can trust professional packers with your belongings, it's a good idea to be present during packing. This lets you answer any questions, provide guidance, and ensure packing according to your preferences.

Hiring professional packers and movers can make your move significantly smoother and less stressful. By researching and hiring reputable packers and adequately prepping for their arrival, you can easily transition to your new home with the confidence that your possessions are in expert hands. For a free estimate and to schedule your packers and movers, contact the experienced team at Nilson Van and Storage today. 

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.