Pointers for Moving in the Military

Making plans for moving in the military? Get inside pointers for military moves from experienced movers. Military families face moving in the military again and again, so much so that they can often give pointers to the average family to help streamline the process. However, new military families or those who haven't moved in a long time may need some tips. With military moves, whether you choose to orchestrate the move yourself or let the military handle it, the upside is that you can rely on professional movers. That takes a huge stress off you.

Here are some tips to help streamline your upcoming military move:

  • Typically, you get plenty of notice that a PCS or permanent change of station is coming. As soon as you learn of your orders, it's time to purge. Even if your last move was as recently as two or three years ago, there is likely an abundance of stuff that you can get rid of to make the move easier and more efficient.
  • Don't pack. The professional movers will open up your boxes and repack them. This is to ensure all items have proper protection, as the moving company has liability coverage on everything they pack.
  • Clearly label anything you do not want packed or place it all in a "safe" place. Packers will pack everything. So make sure you have necessary items pulled aside before their arrival.
  • Have a first-day box that travels with you, not the movers. Include items you will need as soon as you arrive at your new home -- toilet paper, snacks, towels, shower curtain, hygiene items, disposable plates and cutlery, snacks and more.
  • Make things easier upon arrival at your new home by marking boxes with colorful duct tape to designate the room the box should go to when carried in. Further categorize boxes with a marking that reminds you which boxes you should open first.
  • Be very organized about your move. Keep all your documents and notes in one central location. Call to schedule utility disconnections and hook ups at the new location early. If you have school-aged children, know what you need for school registration and have those documents readily available. Do some research on your new town to get a feel for the area.
  • Know the additional restrictions that apply to military moves overseas, so you don't encounter surprises.
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