PACKING TIPS: Best Containers for Moving and Storage

storage boxes

One of the primary things people wonder about when preparing for a residential move is what types of containers and packaging to use for their moving and storage needs. Of course, the answer depends on the particular type of item, but here are some general tips for the best moving and storage containers and packaging:

Tip #1: For fragile items, such as china, glass, and crystal, wrap each item individually and firmly in soft, cushioned material. Then, place the wrapped items inside a sturdy plastic container with a locking lid.

Tip #2: Protect bottles of liquids inside strong plastic or sturdy cardboard containers. Ensure you have not packed any hazardous liquids, such as bleach, pesticides, and motor oil, as these are not allowed to be packed, nor shipped across state lines.

Tip #3: Fold lightweight, flexible items, such as clothes, towels, and bedding, and store inside a box or heavy-duty plastic tote.

Tip #4: Wardrobe boxes are a good idea for your most valued clothing like designer dresses and suits.

Tip #5: Use sturdy cardboard boxes of various sizes for moving a variety of items, from books to kitchen appliances. Adjustable boxes are available for moving awkward items like flat-panel TVs.

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