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Non-Temporary Storage

Long Term Storage for the Government or Military

In the military, the one thing you can count on is not knowing where you’ll be in the future. You could remain in the same place or you could be asked to move halfway around the world. When that happens, there may not be enough room for you to bring all your things with you, and you will need to look into storing them.

Nilson Van & Storage offers trusted storage solutions for the members of our military and government. These solutions are non-temporary, meaning that your items will be protected for the length that you require and nothing less. Those members who live in on-base housing or those who are deployed overseas are eligible for non-temporary storage.

Lack of Space Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Your Items

There might not be enough room in your on-base housing to fit all of your things. You don’t want to throw them away so what do you do?

Nilson Van & Storage offers services that will come pick up your items and store them securely in a controlled, secure facility. Some common needs for non-temporary storage in the military include:

  • Attending long-term training
  • Lack of room in on-base housing
  • Fulfilling duty overseas
  • Addressing assignments that are restrictive

Whatever the need, Nilson Van & Storage has a solution that will work for you.

When you need to store your belongings for 6 months or longer, our non-temporary storage offers you an outlet for keeping your items.

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