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5 Tips for Moving with Pets This Summer

5 Tips for Moving with Pets This Summer

Learn the secret to making residential moves stress-free and pet-friendly.

Residential moves involving pets add an extra element of stress to your plans. It’s one thing if you’ll be driving with your household items. If you’re flying – particularly overseas – you need the help of a professional company who can help you keep your pets safe. Here are five pet-friendly tips for preparing for a long-distance move.

1: Research Travel Laws

Moving pets across international borders takes more than a note from your veterinarian. You’ll have to time everything right if you want Fido to come home with you as soon as you touch down.

2: Request More Information from Your Airline

If you’re traveling by plane, you’ll need to know the company’s policies on pets carried in the cargo hold or in the cabin.

3: Double-Check the Local Laws of Your New Destination

Will your dog or cat need a license? What about a fenced in yard? Is your breed of pet allowed inside city limits? Don’t let local laws catch you off-guard. Call City Hall before your move so you will know your pet is legal from the first day you’re in town.

4: Update Your Pet’s Microchip Information

If your pet loses their collar in transit, what will you do? If your pet has a microchip, and we hope that they do, it’s critical to update your contact information with the microchip company. Make sure they have your new address and phone number if it changes.

5: Schedule a Physical with Your Veterinarian

From updating shots to getting a prescription for motion sickness, there are plenty of reasons to meet with your vet before making a big move. Help your furry (or feathered) friends feel more comfortable and secure with a well-designed moving plan.

Ensure your pets’ safety by scheduling residential moves with an established company like Nilson Van and Storage.

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