Military Moves: 3 Ways to Make Them Less Stressful

If you are planning for a military move, you’ve likely been down this path before. Whether this is your first time or your fourth time, it’s possible to streamline the moving process so you can experience less stress. Keep reading for three tips to make your upcoming move easier. #1: Prepare for Your Move In-Advance (If Possible!)

By starting early, you can shop for the best prices for moving services and packing materials. Plus, it will give you time to get organized which makes the experience less chaotic. In the military, in-advance planning isn’t always possible, but if you know you will be moving soon, this will help. Develop a moving checklist with all of your to-do tasks and mark them off as you go. Knowing what you should do each week will minimize your stress and help you feel more in control.

#2: Pack a “Moving Essentials” Box

A moving essentials box will include all of the items you want to keep close to you during the moving process. Include items like toiletries, important documents, medications, pet supplies, a change of clothes, and electronics. By having everything you will need nearby, you can save yourself from the stress of digging through dozens of boxes to find something like birth certificates, ibuprofen, or the car title!

#3: Let a Reliable Moving Company Handle the Move for You

The ultimate way to make your move less stressful is to let the pros do it for you. Choosing a reputable moving company with extensive experience performing military relocations will give you peace of mind and the best results. Whether you want them to handle all the packing and moving or just want them to transport the boxes, a professional moving company has the streamlined process that will keep your stress level as low as possible.

The military moving team at Nilson Van & Storage has the skills and experience to exceed your expectations. To learn more about our military relocation services or request a free estimate, contact us online.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.