Keep Your Security Deposit: Moving Checklist for Renters

moving out checklist for renters

One of the most challenging things about renting can be how to get a security deposit back when you move out. There are some simple steps you can take to ensure you get your money back, all on our easy to follow moving out checklist for renters.

#1: Take the Nails Out

Removing nails from the walls is the first step to getting your security deposit back. Nothing spells “needs costly repairs” like walls damaged from nails. Once the nails are out, patch the holes with spackle or nail hole filler.

#2: Touch Up the Paint

Next on your moving out checklist for renters is paint. Once the nails are out, you can’t leave a wall covered with spackle marks. Dings and chips look bad to a landlord or management company as well. Touch up the paint anywhere it looks worn or where you’ve done some patching. If you painted the walls a different color after you moved in, you might have to repaint them to their original color.

#3: Do a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning is the last step in your moving out checklist for renters. Along with deep cleaning the basics, including the kitchen, bathroom, and living areas, take the time to wipe down walls, ceilings, baseboards, doors, and door frames. Clean the appliances and fixtures and make sure and clean out the insides of cabinets and pantries. Finally, remember to clean ceiling fan blades and windows as well. These are easy to overlook in the chaos of moving but can have a big impact in how the rental looks and whether you’ll get your deposit back.

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