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International Moving Services

Helping You Relocate Across the Globe

International moves aren’t as simple as they commonly are in the movies. You probably wouldn’t get very far just packing a trunk and heading off into the great unknown. There are restrictions and precautions that should be observed in order to complete your move without any trouble.

Moving to a foreign country doesn’t have to be a foreign process. As a professional moving company, we take the confusion out of your international move so you can simply be excited about your upcoming adventure and not have to worry about the hassle. We are there to help you at every phase of the move until the last box is unpacked.

The greater the distance, the greater the risk of unforeseen problems with your move becomes. Whether it is broken items, the arrival timing of shipments, or the costs of shipping, we do our best to prevent any unpleasant surprise. We work closely with you to ensure that any concerns you may have are resolved before a serious issue arises.

We have you covered from the place of origin to the destination with services such as:

  • Careful, precise packing techniques to secure your items for transit
  • Insurance covering any potential loss or damage
  • Container loading and drayage to accommodate long distance shipping
  • Transportation by sea and air
  • Assistance at your destination, including unpacking

Our services provide a seamless international move for you and your family. Through Mayflower, you can benefit from over 80 years of international moving experience. With guaranteed pricing and destination moving services, there are plenty of good reasons to choose Nilson Van & Storage and Mayflower.

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