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International Moving Process

Tips on a Smooth International Relocation

Any international move demands time spent planning and a level of expertise. There is no shortage of decisions to make and considerations to weigh.

You need to think about methods of transportation, cultural differences, customs you may encounter, and how to ship all of your items safely. You may decided the better option is to sell and repurchase some items upon arrival.

To help you through this process, we have compiled a list of tips to help you navigate the sea of questions and paperwork as you relocate overseas.

  • Determine how long you have until your move and create your schedule accordingly.
  • Decide on what you are going to do with your current residence. Start the ball rolling on selling, renting, or canceling your lease.
  • Sort through your belongings and decide what you are taking with you.
  • Locate a reputable moving company, and schedule a moving date.
  • Complete any necessary paperwork/forms with the moving company in preparation of the move.
  • Collect important documents (legal, educational and medical records).
  • Check with immigration officials if a passport or visa is needed.
  • Do research on your destination, and look into tax and banking laws there.
  • Decide on banking options, and ensure you have access to funds at your destination.

Contact one of our professionals at Nilson Van & Storage today with any questions about your international move, and discuss ways that we can help make it easier on you.

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