Implementing a Moving Calendar: What New Homeowners Should Know

Imagine how much easier your move could be with the help of a moving calendar. This is what all new homeowners wish they knew before their move. Looking back on their moves, most new homeowners either are glad they used a moving calendar or wish they would have used one to keep them on track. If you are new homeowner preparing for an upcoming move, you can save yourself some time and hassle by starting the process the right way. Keep reading to learn how to implement a moving calendar to help you streamline and expedite the moving process.

Decide If You Are Going Pro or Alone

It’s important to keep in mind that a professional moving company can take the guesswork out of implementing a moving calendar. When you hire an expert team to help, they will provide you with a detailed moving calendar that will help you to know exactly what you should be doing when to keep the process running optimally. If you want to come up with the dates yourself, go for it, but make sure you start about two months out from your move. By doing this, you can spread out the packing and make it feel less hectic. You can schedule everything from the day you plan to pack up the closets and out of season clothes to other non-moving-related activities and commitments you will need to be attending. By laying it all out, it will make it easier for you to know where you need to be and how you will be able to accomplish all the tasks on your to-do list.

How to Minimize the Chaos with a Moving Calendar

Let’s face it, moving can get crazy fast, especially if you are doing it yourself rather than utilizing the help of a moving company. Here are some of the other items and tasks you need to include on your to-do list to minimize the chaos in the process:
  • Changing over utilities
  • Purchasing packing supplies
  • Letting all necessary parties know about your address change
  • Purging—take as much as possible to thrift stores, so you aren’t packing unnecessary items
  • Scheduling the days you plan to pack up different rooms or areas of your house
  • Including downtime—yep, you even need to schedule a break or you will burn out quickly!
Whether you need more tips to create your moving calendar or think it might be a good idea to let the moving pros take it from here, contact our team at Nilson Van & Storage now. Connect with us online or call 800-845-2682.

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