How to Pack Your Shoes for a Move

To make sure your shoes arrive in the same condition they left, take these steps to pack them before your residential move. When it comes to packing for a residential move, most people don’t usually give much thought to their shoes. This is a mistake because, without proper packing, shoes can end up in poor condition at your new home. To ensure your shoes arrive in perfect condition, be sure to abide by the following steps:

Air Them Out

The first step in packing shoes is to air them out. This will help the shoes lose the excess moisture and odors that would otherwise stay with the shoes while they travel to their new destination.

Keep the Original Boxes

To protect the shoes, you must pack them in boxes. The most convenient box to use is the original box the shoes came in. These provide adequate protection without taking up too much space.

Wrap Each Shoe

After the shoes have spent a little bit of time airing out, wrap each one in brown packing paper. This type of paper is stiff enough to create a cushion but soft enough not to scuff the finish on most shoes. For shoes with extra delicate surfaces, you can use tissue paper first; then cover the tissue paper with the brown packing paper.

Pack Each Shoe

Depending on the material and type of shoe, you may want to use some brown packing paper or tissues to stuff the inner part of the shoe where your foot would go. This extra support will prevent the shoe from deforming or getting crushed during the moving process. For maximum protection, do not pack more than two shoes per box.

Prepare the Box

After wrapping and packing each shoe, line the box with more brown packing paper. Then place the shoes in the box, sealing the box with packing tape. If you have any questions concerning how to pack certain items for best results during your residential move, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team at Nilson Van and Storage. Connect with us online now or call 800-845-2682. We are happy to give you advice to make the most of your packing and moving process.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.