How to Move Efficiently on a Time Crunch

Are you pulling your hair out, trying to move efficiently while in a time crunch? In a perfect world, you would have plenty of time to plan and execute a move. Sometimes, however, time is not available. Here are some tips for how you can do it without losing your sanity. Make and prioritize a list of things you need to do. Include items like the electric company, phone, and cable company.

Work Room by Room

Completing a room at a time helps with organization and alleviates overwhelm.

Make Piles

Organize three piles: pack, give away, throw away. Don’t move anything that you don’t need. You might not have time to assess every item, but purging and culling can lighten the load. Try to have everything you need on hand, so you don’t have to stop to run out and buy more.

Color Code the Boxes

Color coding helps with the unpacking at your new home. When you get there, you will know exactly where each box belongs, saving time and avoiding searching and moving things around.

Create a ‘Necessity Box’

Create a box of necessities and keep it with you in your car instead of the moving truck. If something goes wrong, you will have this box with you. The box should include prescriptions, cell phones, eyeglasses – whatever you need if you must do without your things for a day or two.

Focus and Plan

Stay focused on the tasks at hand and plan meticulously. Be calm and don’t let panic take over. Moving is an arduous and stressful task – no matter how much time you have. Call us today and let the moving professionals at Nilson Van & Storage. We can help you make your local, national, or international move as efficient and painless as possible.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.