How Many Cardboard Boxes Do You Really Need? Here’s How to Tell

You really can have too many cardboard boxes.

Too many cardboard boxes? Cardboard boxes are usually the go-to supply during a move, but how many do you really need? Having too many boxes will become a money waste. A surplus of boxes will also get in your way and be an inconvenience. Buying too few, on the other hand, could result in items not being packed on schedule or having to rely on worn out boxes that you can't trust to keep your property safe.

Your Movers Can Help

Professional movers often provide boxes for your family. They would chip away at their profits if they weren't skilled at estimating how many boxes you'll need for your move. They want you to have just enough for your move, and no more or less. If you're buying your own materials, call your movers and ask for their opinion.

Use an Online Estimator

There are various sites online where you can enter information about your home and receive a supply list. Depending on the site, you may be encouraged to buy a number of expensive products in the process, however. It is always best to exercise your best judgment and avoid wasting money on unneeded products. Most individuals won't have much use for 12 dish-specific containers, but an aspiring chef might need twice that amount.

Go With a Rough Estimate

Typically, you'll find you need 8-12 boxes per room, depending on how much you're moving, as well as your property's weight and size. It's important to get enough boxes so that none are overfilled. Packing too many items in one box leads to damage, as they become too squashed together and heavy to lift. Likewise, items like dishes and musical instruments may require special containers to keep safe through the move. Get a free quote on your next move, on everything from the lifting and shifting to special moving tools and cardboard boxes.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.