How Is Cost Determined on a Business Relocation?

Mover Meeting With Businessowner about move Putting together successful commercial moves or business relocation requires unique and detailed preparation. Part of that planning process is creating a budget for all of the many moving expenses. One thing to keep in mind is that cost prep involves more than simply getting a moving company quote. Businesses have a lot of moving parts, which is why to ensure you’ve covered all of your financial and operational bases, you'll want to enlist some help from employees and members of your business team.

Rallying the Right Team for Commercial Moves/Business Relocation

Moving an entire company to a new location takes a lot of work. Keep the process organized by designating certain individuals to manage the logistics behind the move. Getting the necessary support and assistance behind the scenes can help you to keep your budget under control. This team can also help you to identify the prep costs you can expect for the move.

Designating Specific Tasks to Move Your Company Successfully

Moving a business can be a confusing process, but it helps to put a team of employees that places a priority on good communication. You can assign a business relocation project manager to oversee the entire project and delegate tasks wisely. The tasks you will find to be essential to your commercial moves include:
  • Interfacing with the new site manager for location specific costs such as deposits, utilities, parking, and amenities.
  • Running an inventory on existing equipment, tools, etc. as well as a list of what’s needed in the new space.
  • Working with the previous landlord to discuss move-out, cleaning costs, early termination costs (if they apply), etc.
  • Managing the man-hours of the actual move.
As the information from this collaboration comes together, you’ll start to get a better idea of just what your budget for the move will entail.

Getting on with the Business of Moving Your Company

Before you take the first step to moving your business, it’s a good idea to identify what you are willing to pay; then, plug in the actual numbers compiled by your team. Finally, you can take the quote from your moving company for the business relocation and fit the cost into your bottom line. Did you know you can save time, hassle and money by working with a relocation specialist to create and stick to your moving budget? Learn more about what you can expect when it comes to commercial moves/business relocation from our team of moving experts at Nilson Van & Storage. With the right planning and assistance, before you know it you’ll be business as usual in your new offices.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.