How Far in Advance Should I Schedule My Move?

What do you need to do to adequately plan residential moves?

Planning your Move Residential moves often take longer than expected without a detailed plan in place. Nilson Van helps you pull things together in record time, but you’ll still need several days to get your supplies, packing, and transportation in line. The following time frame is perfect as a common sense schedule for anyone looking to move to a new home, whether across the country or across town:

Eight Weeks to Go

The most important task to handle during residential moves is finding a new residence. Find a new house or apartment in your new locale. If you can’t do the search in person, working with a realtor can help. At the same time, you can start preparing your own home for sale or rent, or you can put in notice to your landlords.

Six Weeks to Go

Unless you’re moving in the dead of winter, you want to pick your movers at least a month in advance. That means leaving enough time to get estimates—real estimates. Getting a quote over the phone is worthless. Inviting someone to walk through your home, however, can result in a written estimate with a guarantee.

Four Weeks to Go

Begin preparing your home for packing. Deep clean room by room, and arrange your items in ways that keeps them accessible. If you’ll be packing yourself, now is the perfect time to start. Otherwise, just simplifying the organization of your things can help a lot.

Two Weeks to Go

Arrange for the cancelation of your utilities, your mail, and other services, as well as setting up dates for connection at your new address.

One Week to Go

Double-check your schedule with someone at your moving company. Make sure you know what services you’re ordering, how much time they’ll need to get the job done and what time of day they will be starting. If you’ve made any big changes since your initial estimate, you may want to ask them back for a second look.

The Night Before Your Move

If you’ve hired packing services, all you need to do is make sure you have a bag filled with essential clothing, toiletries, and important documents ready to take with you on the drive to your new home. Also, group your items together in sensible groups to make moving your things easier for the company. The next day, all you have to do is meet with them and make sure they have the appropriate address ready to go, and leave a contact number where they can reach you in case a problem arises. It should take roughly 7 – 8 hours for professionals to completely pack a 3-bedroom home. For help in planning residential moves in South Carolina, get in touch with the experts. Call toll-free 800.845.2682, or contact Nilson Van today to get your new life started.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.