How Do You Pack Pictures for Moving?

Residential moves pose some awkward challenges for novices.

How Do You Pack Pictures for Moving? Several common household possessions can make residential moves more difficult than expected. Pictures are just one. Thankfully, the experts at Nilson Van have the following tips for packing these challenging items and making sure they stay safe on your way to a new location. Follow these five tips for securely packing pictures:

1. Stock up on four-way mirror cartons and paper pads.

No job is done best when performed with the wrong tool, so get the moving supplies made for protecting pictures. Four-way mirror boxes are thinner than standard moving boxes, and come apart in four pieces to fit snugly to any sized picture frame. Paper pads are made of three-layers of paper that are thick enough to provide support while staying affordable. You can also use thin blankets or moving pads for wrapping pictures.

2. Wrap up your framed picture like a holiday present.

Using a paper or moving pad, or a light blanket, lay your picture down, wrap the pad around all the sides and then secure sides and seams with tape.

3. Mark the glass side of the wrapped up picture.

This can easily be done by writing “glass” on the appropriate side of a paper pad or on the tape securing a moving pad or blanket.

4. Put together a four-way carton and lightly fill with dunnage.

Each of the boxes four pieces should be constructed and secured with tape. Make sure to cover the seams. The bottom two pieces should be slid together, with the last two added once the frames are in place. Dunnage, or any type of packing, such as popcorn peanuts, crumpled newsprint or bubble wrap, should be put in each of the four built pieces to cushion the frame.

5. Secure pictures in boxes.

Two frames can be placed in each box, with their backs to each other. If a glass frame must face another picture, be sure to place an extra pad between them. Once placed inside, each top piece of the carton should be slid on carefully. The sides should be adjusted until they fit snugly around the pictures. Finally, tape should be used to secure the shape, including covering all seams. Clearly label each box with the name of the room where you want it unloaded. Schedule an appointment with Nilson Van for residential moves involving picture frames and other awkward items. Our moving professionals have the supplies and the knowledge needed to pack your possessions quickly, securely and to keep them organized during your move. Click this link or call 803.786.1090 for a free quote for your next residential move.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.