How Can I Arrange Temporary Storage for Employees during Relocation?

Commercial moves run smoothly when you have all the contact info you need.

Commercial Relocation Assistance

Commercial moves for new or existing employees don't have to be filled with stress. In fact, when working with an experienced moving company, they can make changing locations surprisingly easy. These are the types of businesses with no problem tracking shipments or putting items temporarily into storage.

Get a handle on employee moving amenities when you:

  • Call experienced companies in your moving area. Nilson Van, for instance, has been providing professional moving services to individuals and companies for 75 years. It's a landmark we're proud to celebrate because, more than anything else, this reflects the reliability and convenience we aim to provide.
  • Ask them about their additional services. From packing to storing to shipment tracking, professional moving companies often do more than just move your employees' belongings from one place to another. Package deals can greatly reduce the cost of these special services. You'll want to find a company capable of quickly placing shipments into storage and taking them out for delivery again.
  • Pass along all the storage info to your employees. Contact numbers, shipping numbers, location of the storage facility and hours of operation are all essential for your employee to have. The more in control they feel of their move, the more benefits they'll get from having this task handled as part of their worker benefits.
  • Quickly follow up once storage is no longer needed. If you are the link between your mover and your employee, make sure you're not the one holding up progress. Certain companies struggle to move their storage around quickly, while others have systems in place for expediting those deliveries. Be sure you know what information the movers will need, and be ready to provide it once your workers need their belongings delivered.

Knowing what your moving company needs to provide top-quality commercial services goes a long way in preserving employee satisfaction. Put your best foot forward with a call to Nilson Van. Click this link to discover our full range of services online or call 803-786-1090 for more information about commercial moves.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.