Hotel Installations: Reducing Guest Disruptions

hotel furniture installation

The first priority for any hotel is guest experience, including during hotel furniture installation. Any furniture or fixture upgrade is a significant investment in your facility, and losing customers because of a poorly executed installation process is unacceptable. Therefore, reducing guest disruptions is job number one. Here’s how to get it done.  

Preparation is Critical

Minimizing the impact of hotel furniture installation requires careful preparation and planning. Knowing essential information ahead of time will reduce hotel disturbance and make for a smooth installation day. It’s critical to document the building layout, doorway dimensions, freight elevator location, room floor plans, and short-term storage locations. Also, create a call sheet of what goes where to help the move-in and installation go smoothly with minimal disruption to the hotel operation and the guests staying during the installation.

Planning the Install

Day-of planning is as important as installation preparation. To minimize noise and common area interruption, create a logistics plan asking these questions:

  • How many pieces are moving in?
  • Is assembly required, and where and when will assembly take place?
  • Are there days and times with less traffic that will impact hotel staff and guests less?
  • Does existing furniture require removal and disposal?
  • Are there packing materials included with the new furniture?
  • Who will clean up post-installation?

Partnering with the Right Team of Professionals

Moving and installing your new furnishings requires a company with experience in hotel installation services. Knowing how to protect the pieces, move them securely, and install them efficiently is the best way to ensure a successful project while reducing guest disruptions.

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