Guide on How to Pack a Kitchen for Moving

pack a kitchen for moving

Do you know how to pack a kitchen for moving? Knowing how to pack knives, how to pack large appliances, and how to pack utensils can make your move significantly less stressful. Here’s a quick guide you can use to prep your kitchen for the moving truck.

Having the Right Boxes

The kitchen is full of so much stuff, and so much of it has an irregular shape, which is why having the right boxes on hand can help smooth the process. Make sure you use heavy-duty boxes that can hold up the weight of dishes and cookware, as well as a variety of sizes to fit everything from the small stuff, like salt and pepper shakers, to the big stuff, like your stand mixer and your giant stock pot.

The Packing Order

Our advice is to start with the big stuff. Nest pots and pans together to fit as many in a pile in a big box as possible. You’ll have small spaces around the cookware to add things like spatulas, wooden spoons, and small cutting boards.

Next, move on to things like dishes and bowls. Be sure to cushion them with at least one sheet of packing paper in between each item and plenty of padding around the inside walls of the box. Use small and medium boxes for dishware to make sure the boxes aren’t to heavy to lift.

Extra dish towels can come in handy when you get to utensils and knives. Start by wrapping packing paper around them and then wrap a dish towel over the paper. This will protect the items and prevent any sharp items from cutting through the box.

Dealing With Appliances

Large appliances don’t need packing - they just need securing and loading onto the truck. Your moving company will do this for you. For your small appliances like blenders, microwaves, mixers, and crock pots, pack them in the smallest boxes they fit into. Secure them with plenty of packing paper to keep them from moving around in the box, and add towels or other soft items around them.

These packing tips can help get you through the kitchen packing process, but if it all sounds a bit overwhelming, consider packing services from your moving company. Reach out to the experienced team at Nilson Van and Storage today for a free quote on all your residential moving needs.

Whether your move is big or small, our skilled movers are dedicated to helping you every step of the way, no matter where life takes you.